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Apparently Kirk Ferentz Doesn't Know That Two-Point Conversions Exist

WELP. Not a good look for Coach Ferentz there. That’s fine. We’re only paying him a bazillion dollars a year and just extended his contract a couple months ago to make him the Iowa coach for life pretty much. No big deal. He can’t be bothered to know that an 8-point deficit means you only have to score once and complete a two-point conversion. Even though that probably lost them the game. Or at the very least lost them the opportunity for a tie. Never change, Kirk. Or do. Change a whole lot. Love him just bailing out and at the end there and not giving an explanation cause he knew he was fucked.

I’m a little shocked the transcript didn’t read like this

Q. 14-6, if you get the touchdown and the two-point conversion, you have a tied ballgame.


COACH FERENTZ: *sprints out of the room like he’s on fire*


Fuck everything