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A Young Celtics Fan Mocked Joakim Noah's Shooting Motion And I Can't Even Blame The Kid

Joakim Noah’s shooting is just one of those things that I can’t defend as a fan. If I clowned Shawn Marion’s shot, I have to be just as honest about Noah’s.

It is ugly as fuck, but it does the goddamn job. And of course Joakim can just laugh it off with this kid because he’s a millionaire, plays basketball for a super team and is hooking up with super smokes in Ibiza.

So I’m giving one point to the kid for having the stones to call out a pro athlete with a fantastic recreation of Noah’s shot. And I’m giving Noah 100 points for just being him. Top 3 favorite Knick right now and it’s not even close.

Also, my Brandon Jennings man crush is currently checking in at a 99999/10. Swagger City. Dude is going to absolutely own The Garden this season.