Security Footage Outside Of The Kim Kardashian Robbery Surfaces

TMZ – Kim Kardashian‘s Paris robbers were captured on street-side cameras as they made their escape with millions of dollars worth of her jewelry. The video shows the 5 alleged robbers, 3 on bicycles and 2 on foot, start approaching Kim’s apartment complex at 2:19 AM on October 3. According to the time code on the CCTV footage — just released on France’s M6 News — the suspects fled the apartment about 49 minutes later.  One of the men on bike appears to be toting a backpack during the getaway, and all of them are moving much faster. The camera looks to be at least 40-50 feet away, and the suspects are extremely blurry. Police have not said if they have any leads on the perpetrators.

Well if you were looking for your smoking gun to confirm the Kim Kardashian robbery…this is not it. I mean this is just footage of some dudes riding bikes. If you expected some footage of some burglars kicking down doors and fleeing the scene in a frenzy, security cameras just showing 5 dudes out for a night time stroll is probably a big let down. I dont know anything about Paris but if its anything like New York, that could just be three Mexican dudes delivering Seamless orders.

I’m not gonna say anything more than that because Kimmy K is getting lawsuit happy but I’m just gonna say that video didnt put anything to rest. I need to see some footage like Point Break or the Italian Job or some shit to convince me.