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Ozzie Says He Would Come Back To Coach But Only For The Cubs

“I just hate Wrigley Field”



BOSTON — The passion to manage still fuels Ozzie Guillen. But Guillen said he would be willing to return as a coach — only with the Cubs — if asked. “I just make it very clear if they want me as a coach, the only team I will coach is the Cubs,” said Guillen, who is working at the World Series as an analyst for ESPN Deportes. “The reason is I live there. I don’t have to move my family in and out. As (for) a manager opening, if anyone is interested in me, at least give me an opportunity to express myself.



This is like Jeff Garcia 2.0. I mean I can say that I want to start at Shooting Guard for the Bulls. People can say whatever they want. Doesn’t mean the team has any interest whatsoever. And honestly, everything about this move would be dumb. Your 3rd base coach is like a long snapper in football, you need the guy to be anonymous because if you’re saying his name that means something bad happened, and I think we can all agree Ozzie Guillen is many things but anonymous is not one of them. Add in the fact that he basically spent his entire time on the South Side bashing Wrigley, complaining about the rats, calling it a bar, telling the governor to tear it down and you have the perfect storm of exactly what the Cubs do not need during this rebuilding phase.


Except for one thing. Ozzie is entertaining as fuck. If you can’t admit that then you don’t know funny. He keeps things interesting, he’s fun to follow and watch. So basically my heart and my head say no but my funny bone and desire to have a whole new batch of bloggable Ozzie stories says yes. I know its never going to happen and that’s probably a very very good thing but you can’t say it wouldn’t be entertaining.