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Bella Thorne Posed For (New) Playboy

I’ll start by giving Playboy some credit here. Nobody has even mentioned their name since they stopped showing the goods. Their stock has fallen to an all time low. Times are tough out at the mansion. So they all went into a room, started brainstorming, and came up with the best idea- Bella Thorne. While I bet Playboy is PISSED they stopped doing the nudes before she turned 18, putting her in their magazine is how you turn the ship around.


The pictures SUCK. It’s for sure not your father’s Playboy that you’d hide under the mattress and soil a sock to. She posts better on her Instagram on a daily basis than the Playboy pics. Gotta come stronger than that.

However, she was my one to watch 2016 and I’m ready to accept my Nobel Peace Prize for nailing that prediction. It’s every week with this chick, just tits in the air, ass in your face.

#TBT to the best gif ever

2016 is coming to an end, we’ll be tracking how she finishes out the year.