Today Is The 10 Year Anniversary Of The Wainwright Curveball And The 17 Year Anniversary of Ball 4 Kenny Rogers

Hey man. Hows your October 19th going? Mine is going just SWELL.

Obviously when it comes to horrific postseason moments, theres bound to be some overlap. After all the playoffs are only a month long so a lot of these games are going to share a date. But the Wainwright Curveball and Ball 4 Kenny Rogers are two of the worst pitches in Mets history. Not the worst play. Not the worst hit. Not the worst error. Just single pitches that were never even put in play that forever changed the course of history. Now looking back on 1999, probably is better the Mets didnt make the Series. If they lost back to back Subway Series I think I would legitimately have killed myself. But losing on a walk off walk and handing the Braves the pennant was just VILE.

2006 is totally different. That was their year. If Beltran somehow ties that game up and they win that NLCS, they ROLL in the World Series. They were by far the best assembled team in that playoffs. Its all just very nauseating.

Why dont we just go ahead and make Bobby Bonilla’s Contract Payday October 19th as well? Just get all this fucking shit out of the way.

But always remember that anytime we’re doing anniversaries or memories of Adam Wainwright and Carlos Beltran, that means its also the same day as The Endy Chavez Catch

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 12.36.34 PM

The Strength To Be There. What a picture. Would have been remembered as one of the greatest postseason catches of all time if the Mets go on to win that game. Still will forever be in Mets fans’ hearts but its sad that going forward the regular fan will never remember that play.

So I hereby declare October 18th National Mets Day. From this year forth, every October 19th will be a time for Mets fans to come together as one. Remember the good, the bad, and the ugly. Cry on each others shoulders. Share war stories. Be irrationally confident about the future while being eternally pessimistic all at the same time. We’ll come together to say Fuck The Yankees and Fuck The Wilpons. October 19th – one of the darkest days in our history – is officially Mets Day. Celebrate it and soak it in. Let the hate and fear inside. Thats what motivates us to survive and continue to believe.