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I Have Never In My Life Witnessed A Bigger Power Move Than Trump Bringing Obama's Brother As His Guest To The Debate Tonight

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 7.37.31 AM

Screen Shot 2016-10-19 at 7.37.46 AM

Oh my God just when you think Donald Trump’s campaign has gone completely off the rails to the point of no return he pulls something out of his back pocket that haymakers you right in the fucking face. I mean he was about to crash and burn from the Pussy tapes, next thing you know he’s got all Bill Clinton’s mistresses lined up in front of a camera. He was about to crash and burn for roughly 67 allegations of sexual assault and molestation and now what? Bringing Obama’s brother. President Barack O’fuckingBama. AND A BENGHAZI MOM ARE YOU KIDDING ME. Power moves only.

Also part of me is absolutely convinced at some point tonight the lights go down, the Stone Cold glass shatters, and Trump drops a projector screen down with every single one of Hillary’s deleted emails on it that he got from his Russian hacker friends. Whatever the odds are on that I’ll take them.

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