The Honest Trailer For The Re-Booted Ghostbusters Is No Where Near As Harsh As It Should Be

Um…that’s it? Way to hold back on the ladies, Screen Junkies. Equal rights deserve equal lefts, and this movie deserves much more hate than what was given in this Honest Trailer. I mean, Christ. I haven’t heard this much excuses for a poor product since the debut/series finale of Nate At Night. This needs to be ruthless. Shit, these are the same guys that convinced me my childhood hero, Peter Veinkman, is a textbook sexual predator.

I mean, they’re not wrong. The dude went all-in and went for the kill the first time he was in Dana’s apartment to check her things out. He’s the type of guy who would keep on texting 5 days and 500 messages since her last response. So how are you gonna not let it all hang out with this reboot shit flick? Granted, I don’t think this movie was as much as an abortion as people claim. I’d call it more of a stillborn of a feature. But it deserves more mockery than this Honest Trailer presented.

Pick it up. Hate everything equally, like you did with the Entourage movie. A complete KO of bro in all sense of life.