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Snoop Dogg And Martha Stewart Apparently Have A Show Coming Out So Here They Are Popping Bottles

We as a society think a lot about rappers like 2Pac and Biggie. We’re fascinated by their unsolved murders and often wonder how they would’ve existed in a modern world with social media and the internet. What we sometimes forget about is that there are rappers from that era who are still around and they’re doing some pretty weird shit. Ice-T is in a Geico commercial making fun of his name. Ice Cube has made countless kids movies. Then there’s Snoop popping bottles with Martha Stewart cause the two of them apparently have a show together. Just a couple of ex-criminals hosting a cooking show. What do you think Snoop’s reaction would’ve been if you had a time machine, went to Long Beach California in 1993 and told him he was gonna have a cooking show with Martha Stewart? I honestly think he shoots you in the face. Right on the spot. Or he has his body guard do you like Phillip Woldermariam. And that’s not a knock on Snoop or to say he sold out his image. It’s adapt or die. I love Snoop. The whole damn world loves Snoop. You’d be hard pressed to find an entertainer who has been able to stay relevant as long as Mr. Broadus. It’s just interesting is all.