Undercover Investigation Shows Clinton Campaign Connected To Inciting Violence At Trump Rallies

The above is a 16-minute video, so allow me to preface it so you know what the hell you’re watching. In a nutshell, it is an incredibly fascinating and undercover look into the depths of The Clinton Machine.

Violence at Trump rallies has been a massive harping point from Hillary Clinton, the left, and the media all election, as they continually say Trump is dangerous and that his supporters are crazy, violent idiots. This all plays nicely into the narrative that Trump and everything he stands for is bigotry, out of control, racist and dangerous.

What this video appears to show is a connection between Hillary Clinton and the groups/people who blatantly run complex operations to incite violence at Trump rallies. Or “bird dogging,” as they call it.

(“Bird dogging” also appears in the Podesta emails leaked last week)


The video is already having an effect: Scott Foval — who himself claims he was a “dark operative” responsible for orchestrating these events — was fired shortly after its release Monday.

Was Hillary herself signing off on these operations? I don’t know the answer to that question. Hell I don’t know the answer to most questions. What I do know is this BOLDLY confirms what we’ve all known — The Clinton Machine is no fucking joke. That thing is everywhere; its tentacles are ever reaching. If I die after hitting publish on this blog, tell my parents that I love them and please do not let Intern Tex anywhere near my body. Thank you.