This Chick From Bills Mafia Who Wrote An Open Letter To Robert Klemko and The MMQB Team Murdered Their Souls

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An Open Letter To Robert Klemko and The MMQB Team


When an acquaintance tagged me in a video and mentioned that I needed to work on my tackling skills, I giggled thinking that one of our mutual friends must have posted a Snapchat from earlier in the day on Twitter. Unfortunately, I was wrong. You?—?a “journalist” covering the NFL?—?recorded a video of me with my friends at a tailgate, and posted it on your Twitter account. But wait: that’s not the part that I’m mad about. I’m okay with keyboard warriors joking about my form or even making petty comments about my appearance. However, what I am mad about is the comment that accompanied your tweet.

You claimed that someone at the tailgate yelled “ ‘tackle the Muslim’, then a young lady obliges.” Unfortunately, that young lady was me. After I confronted you to retract your statement, knowing that neither myself nor anyone I was with made that statement OR even heard anyone else make a foul statement, you refused. In fact, you even talked down to me. You continued to repeat?—?through a series of now deleted tweets?—?that the statement was made before you started filming the video. However, I have video coverage (#thanksSnapchat) from the minutes and moments leading up to my tackle, and not once does someone yell anything of that nature. I offered to show you them, but you didn’t respond. Guess it’s not fun being called out, eh?
Lucky for me, anyone with a brain could tell that you were trying to turn some good-natured fun (that happens at every Bills mafia tailgate) into fodder for your social justice circle jerk.
Let me reiterate my point: I don’t care that the video is out there. I think the world needs more fun, laughter, and good-natured antics. If I can contribute to people getting a good laugh, I’m cool with that. But I will refuse to become the focal point of racially charged accusations. The world doesn’t need anymore hatred; I’m sure we can both agree on that.

When I challenged you, you then claimed that it wasn’t me or my friends who made the comments, but a random guy in a blue hat. Very generic and convenient, considering our colors are blue and red. (However, it’s worth nothing that prior to me confronting you you claimed that MULTIPLE people made the statement, not just one.) But despite your admission of my innocence, you still refused to clear me from connection to the statement. As other news outlets (including the large metropolitan paper from my hometown) picked up the stories, you remained silent. You were okay with letting the little Bills fan from the tailgate become the center of a mighty accusation.

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Somebody get Robert Klemko a bodybag because this chick absolutely murdered him. And when I say murder I mean it in the literal sense. Like literally ripped his guts out then made him eat them. Seriously I’ve never believed anybody more than I believe this chick about what happened here. Her argument may be the most convincing internet argument I’ve ever read besides my Deflategate Conspiracy article. The moral of the story is never mess with Bills Mafia and never mess with the chick who broke the news that Bieber was dating Selena. As my friends from PMT would say that’s a Journalist with a capital J. Anybody can cover football. When you break Bieber news that’s big league stuff. Poor dude walked into the ring with a tiger and never knew what hit him. #PrayForKlemko

PS – I kinda want to hire this girl. Imagine a black girl who is an awesome writer, part of Bills Mafia and loves Bieber working here? Can you check any more boxes?

Double PS – Tackling/making out with the opposing QB at Bills Mafia tailgate? Been there, done that.