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Carmelo Anthony Is Somehow Upset That Slam Magazine Ranked Him As The 15th Best Player In The NBA


Hey Melo, I’m right there with you bro. Any publication that would rank a star that hasn’t taken his team to the playoffs in years despite playing in the bum ass Eastern Conference must be out of its motherfucking mind. The 15th best player in the league is basically the last player on the All-NBA 3rd Team, not some guy that has been dinged up over the last two seasons. And I don’t think Slam gives a shit how many gold medals you have won in your life. For the purpose of these rankings, I bet winning 1 Larry O’Brien trophy curb stomps winning multiple gold medals while playing for the best team on the planet. Oh yeah and anyone that uses a phrase #StayMe7o likely gets bumped down at least five spots on this list, even though I love this ridiculous video game screen shot I show on Knicks reddit.


The only other thing I can think of is that Slam is trying to subconsciously convince the Knicks to give Melo number 15 like I had asked a couple of months ago. If that’s the case, I am all in on this number 15 ranking.

In happier news, the Knicks are still the favorites to win the NBA championship!

(Yes I know that favorite doesn’t mean “most bet on team”. Just let me have my fun until the season begins).