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Jordan Reed Is Being Evaluated For a Possible 6th Concussion

Screen Shot 2016-10-12 at 3.51.00 PM

So brutal man. Jordan Reed has all the talent in the world but at some point it’s just not worth it. If he’s being evaluated for a concussion I just go ahead and assume he has one, based on the fact he’s hid (at least) one concussion from doctors in the past. If he indeed has his 6th concussion on the record, I don’t see how he’d continue playing. At what point do you have to save your brain so you can function at age 40? When he’s at 100% he’s one of the best TEs in the league. He makes Kirk Cousins life so much easier and the offense so much more explosive. I hope he checks out clean but again, even being in the protocol is pretty damming evidence.