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What An Awulf Ending

What in the holy hell was that?  How does North Carolina not get an opportunity to take a last second shot?  Instead we get 5 minutes of the refs standing at half court with their dicks in their hands looking at a TV monitor and then just deciding that the game is over.  Extremely lame ending to an otherwise awesome game.  I don’t know how Roy Williams didn’t slap the shit outta every single referee when they told him the game was over and his team wouldn’t have an opportunity to tie or win the game.  I really don’t.  I was hoping he’d lose his mind and go ape shit on everybody.  The refs, the clock guys, maybe some fans.  Nope, he just shook Fred Hoiberg’s hand and walked to the locker room like it was nothing.  I’m still not totally sure what happened.  Does the clock stop after a made basket?  Even if it doesn’t it looked like UNC took a timeout with about 0.7 seconds remaining.  Still enough time to get a desperation shot off.  But nope, the refs just decided that the game was over and the fucking Cyclones go on to live another day and I have to listen to their fans chirp about this team for another week.  Sweet.