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University of Arkansas Professor Arrested For Yelling "Fuck You" At Bret Bielema From The Stands

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MADISONAn Arkansas professor was arrested Saturday night after verbally accosting Arkansas football coach Bret Bielema following a 49-30 loss to top-ranked Alabama.

Lawton Lanier Nalley, an assistant professor of agricultural economics and agribusiness, yelled at Bielema as he walked off the field in Fayetteville.

Nalley yelled: “If I had your record I’d be f–king fired. F–k you.”

I know there’s a lot of conflict and controversy in this country with the police lately and more often than not I’m on the cops’ side, but this. This I cannot stand for. This is not the country I want to be a part of. A place where people are arrested for telling college football coaches to fuck themselves from the stands after a big loss. I mean did anyone check their Google Maps during this whole thing? Did they just forget where they were? You’re in the middle of a football stadium in Arkansas for a Razorbacks/Alabama game. In what world is it not acceptable to be a little loud and drunk and obnoxious and scream FUCK YOU at coaches in that setting?

Nalley was approached by school police, continued yelling at officers and was ultimately handcuffed and arrested. Nalley was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct. He was booked and released 40 minutes later.

The school has not yet announced any potential discipline for Nalley, who, according to his bio, has degrees from Ohio State, Mississippi State and Kansas State.

I firmly believe that society’s normal rules and standards do not apply when you’re talking about SEC football. Or, if they do apply, they’re at a much lower level of expectation. Assistant Professor of Argicultural Economics and Agribusiness Lawton Lanier Nalley telling the overpaid, overrated coach of his school’s team to literally fuck his own face shouldn’t only be legally allowed, it should be encouraged.

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Also, the dude definitely fucks.

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