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Julian Edelman's Baby Mama Had Her Baby Shower And It Was The Hottest Party Of 2016

Typically when you think baby shower you think of a bunch of gals sitting around, drinking virgin Bellinis, exchanging baby carriages, and saying, “OMG are you gonna poop when the baby comes out?” But not when you’re having a baby into the most professional and sexy organization in sports’ history! Oh no, no, no. Then your baby shower is an EVENT. Then you’ve got girls there who are 15 out of 10s and who all have a combined Instagram following of like a kajillion. Seriously just a who’s who of the hottest chicks on the internet at this fucking party. You’d think it’s some fancy nightclub but nope, just a bunch of gals getting together to celebrate the birth of a new Patriot baby. If this kid accidentally sees just one of his “aunties” naked then women might be ruined forever. Absolute wrecking crew.

To the Guest List!

Gemma Lee Farrell

Jessica Cribbon

Abigail Ratchford

Monica Sims

Charlie Neff

Elena Belle

Kerrie M