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Patrick Reed Didn't Drink After Winning The Ryder Cup Cause He Was So Hungover After The Presidents Cup

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You know what? I’m not mad at that. I thought I was gonna be mad at that but I’m not mad at that. We’ve all been there. You live and you learn. We’ve all had that hangover from hell that makes you re-think every decision you’ve ever made. Some people have that hangover every Sunday. I actually appreciate Patrick Reed and his maturity. I can’t say that I would’ve done the same AT ALL. I’ve had some of the worst hangovers of my life but then miraculously drank again 6 days later like nothing even happened. That’s some serious willpower from Reed. Cause no drinking experience of mine came after I was the key to winning one of the most entertaining golf tournaments ever. Especially when it looked like Phil Mickelson was force-feeding booze down other player’s throats. Then again, maybe Patrick’s just thinking that the tide has officially turned and Team USA is gonna win a whole bunch of Ryder Cups in a row so he can just drink after the next one. Let’s hope that’s what he’s thinking.