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This Harambe-Themed Blunt Seems Like The Best Way To Smoke A Tragically Murdered Gorilla That I Could Personally Imagine


The blunt comes from the “competitive joint roller” Tony Greenhand who builds genuine works of art with pounds of weed on the regular. And I have to say as far as Harambe tributes that we don’t currently sell in the Barstool store, this is a pretty great one. Just like Harambe memes temporarily brought delirious joy to millions of people across the internet, so too can a giant blunt made to look like a gorilla towering over a smaller child who could have been eaten, cuddled, or integrated into animal society and made all the better for it like The Jungle Book if Harambe hadn’t been unjustly put down. It’s the most fitting tribute imaginable, the only way to improve upon it would be somehow getting high off strands of silverback hair itself in the process.

The blunt won’t be smoked and will be displayed as a work of art at Oregon’s Cannabend dispensary which I can only presume will one day be remembered as the Louvre of blunt artisty. #Blessed to be in on the ground floor of recognizing that: