WMU and Dayton Lax Have Their Game Canceled Due To Lightning - Decide The Winner With Rock Paper Scissors

wmubroncoslacrosseDue to lightning the Dayton and WMU game was settled with a best out of 3 rock- paper- scissors match. WMU came out on top, with a paper over Rock win! #wmulax #broncolacrosse #daytonlax #rockpaperscissors #WMUwin @daytonflyers

Lax bros are some of the most polarizing figures in sports, but don’t ever say they don’t know how to settle the result of a big game.

Best out of 3 Rock Paper Scissors.

Basically the best solution for any disagreement in the world.

Congrats to WMU on the big win.


Does this actually stand with the league office? Because it 1000% should.