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Kentucky Couple Gets Married While Waiting In Line For Tickets To UK Practice #RelationshipGoals

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KSRAfter landing the first spot at the Big Blue Madness campout, Ray Branham and Vicki Harvey decided it was the perfect place to have their wedding. The couple had already been talking about marriage, and something about that No. 1 tent outside Memorial Coliseum felt right, so they did it there early Friday evening.

Watch as they tie the knot in front of their closest friends and campers:

If marrying the love of your life while standing in line to buy tickets to watch college kids practice basketball isn’t #RelationshipGoals I don’t know what even is. I mean chicks spend MONTHS looking for the perfect wedding venue – hotel, vineyard, rustic barn, maybe go baller and rent out the public library or something. Meanwhile Vicki and Ray out here at the Number 1 Tent at Memorial Coliseum exchanging vows and solidifying their love for free. It really is a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Ladies, get you a man who looks at you the way Ray looks at the woman he’s marrying in line for Kentucky practice tickets.

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