What’s Up With This Stoolie Sitting Next To Me On The Acella Not Saying Hello?


So I’m on the Acella train back to NYC as I write this blog. I’m basically sitting next to this dude who has been reading Barstool since we left Boston.  I’m talking he’s been living on our website. He checks it every five seconds. Checks it on his phone. Shuts his phone off. Checks it on his computer. Shuts his computer off. Checks it on his phone. And around and around we go. The weird thing is the dude hasn’t said hello or Viva yet. Just sitting there reading our shit for free, passing the time and not even acknowledging I’m right in his eyeball.  It’s a flat out Mexican standoff.  Never seen anything like it. I’m not saying I need credit or to be acknowledged, but I will say I delivered too many papers not to be acknowledged.  So I’m gonna matrix his ass right now. Like while he is reading the blog, I’m writing a blog about him reading the blog which I’ll then publish and he’ll read a blog about me writing a blog about him reading the blog.