Hey Let Me Take A Selife With That Giant Python AHHHHHHHH I'M DEAD!

Animals might be smarter than we give them credit for. That’s what I learned watching that video. Why didn’t the python attack anyone else? Seems odd. His entire body was being held by other humans and he didn’t take a bite out of any of them. It wasn’t until the asshole in the pink polo came running up with his camera did the python decide to do normal python things. Even more bad news for that guy is there probably isn’t a hospital within 400 miles of that place. It doesn’t exactly look like a place ripe with modern day amenities. He’s as good as dead if there was even a drop of venom on that python’s teeth. Wearing a pink polo, taking a selfie and getting killed by a poisonous python is no way to go through life. Unless you’re Kanye West.