It's Official: Mike Francesa's Last Show On WFAN Will Be December 15, 2017

So I guess this is really happening, huh? The whole Francesa retiring talk has been going on for so long, it just felt like it was one of those things that was never going to actually happen. Like the Barstool office being 100% finished (it’s still not, for what it’s worth). But on December 18th 2017, the other afternoon drive radio shows in the Tri-State area will finally have a shot to climb atop the ratings and stay there now that GOAT Zaun is hanging them up. And I’m not sure how I am going to deal with that. I think I am still recovering from my sports radio parents divorcing when Mike and the Mad Dog ended. Now our Sports Dad (and Pope) will be gone for good. Or at least no longer on the dial at 660 AM. Brutal.

Also you have to love Mike’s timing. Leaving the airwaves right as the NFL playoff race is at a fever pitch, the NBA and NHL are in season, and baseball’s winter meetings are probably wrapping up. Not all that different than when he would just ghost in the middle of the summer and not return no matter how big of a story broke in baseball or the NFL. But I can’t hate on it either. Mike probably just wants to dig into some serious Christmas vacation shit and just never come back. I bet he is one of the few people in the world that still eats sugar plums. HAMMERS sugar plums by the barrel while playing with what I imagine is a gigantic toy train set as Roe, Harrison, Jack, and Emily look on in amazement. We don’t have much time left with Mike on WFAN. Make sure to cherish these last 15 months or so.