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Carson Wentz Is Bowing Bucks And Fletcher Cox Wins NFC Defensive Player Of The Month

Everything coming up Eagles! Steady hands, baby. Ginger Jesus aims small and misses small in all aspects of life. And I love how Bow Season corresponds with football season. I know less than nothing about hunting, but I have to venture an injury via Robin Hood is less likely than shooting your dick off with a firearm. But Carson Wentz is running so hot I’m shocked he isn’t taking down his prey with a knife from above like Rambo in First Blood. Or the fact he hasn’t start hunting man. The dude needs a challenge. Oh, and Wentz was named NFC Offensive Player Of The Week and NFC Offensive Rookie Of The Month. Ho Ginger Hum.

But as for Mr. Cox, a very well deserved NFC Defensive Player Of The Month honor. AND you can argue DE Brandon Graham could have also won the award. That’s how good this Eagles D-Line, and defense as a whole has been this season. But Fletcher Cox is well on his way to legendary status. I’m talking Jerome and Reggie folklore. Just look at this one play from the Steelers game. He demolishes the OL through Hades before knocking one of the largest QB’s in the game to the ground and forcing a fumble. This guy is simply special.