Disaster Strikes On NJ Transit Today As Train Crashes Into The Hoboken Terminal

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UPDATE: Latest figures are over 100 injured, multiple people are trapped, and its being referred to as a “Mass Casualty Event” which is the last thing you want to hear. As more news unfolds this story is getting worse and worse and worse. Just a complete nightmare.

Complete nightmare this morning in Hoboken. NJ Transit train just didnt stop. Blew right through the terminal and into the waiting room. It didnt slow down at all. Sirens are blaring all over Hoboken right now and it sounds like they are reporting over 2 dozen injuries. I hate to speculate but it unfortunately wouldnt surprise me if we got even worse news as the dust settles. A train going full speed into a station during a NYC morning commute is as dangerous as it gets. Lets just hope its only injuries.