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"Tommy Boy" Recut As A Heart-Wrenching Drama Is Great Stuff

Well god damn it. I knew as soon as somebody sent this to me that it was gonna make me cry. And it did. You wanna make me cry? Take my favorite movie of all time and flip it into a heart wrenching drama. You know what’s really weird though? That recut doesn’t change the movie at all. That’s actually what the movie Tommy Boy is about. Sure, it’s billed as a comedy (and it’s obv hilarious) but it has all of the themes of a drama. I’m not sure I ever looked at it that way before but it’s 100% true. In-between Tommy and Richard running from bees and vacuuming up moths, it’s a drama at heart. I guess that’s what makes it such a great movie. I’m still figuring things out about it 20+ years later. Tommy Boy > The Godfather imo.

h/t ryan