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David Blaine Sticks An Ice Pick Through His Hand, Doesn't Bleed And Freaks Out Pharrell In The Process

This just furthers my opinion that we should burn all magicians like they burned witches back in the day. Pharrell knows. Because the crazy thing about magic in 2016 is we know that it’s fake and yet magicians can still trick us. That’s a far tougher task for a magician than back in the day when people just took magic at face value and believed it was real. I would be far more comfortable with magicians if magic was real. Then I could watch David Blaine stick an ice pick through his hand and simply be like, “Oh that’s magic.” It’d just be a different skill set like dunking a basketball or throwing a curve ball. But instead we clearly understand that magic isn’t real and yet David Blaine can still fuck with us. That’s what makes magicians the most dangerous people on Earth. Neil deGrasse Tyson laid it out perfectly. It’s not that magic is real. It’s that David Blaine knows more than us and can seemingly do the impossible. He sees the corners from every which way and exploits our blind spots. Those are the qualities of a man who can take over the world before we even realize what’s happening.