Tim Tebow Hit A Home Run On The First Pitch He Saw As A Professional Baseball Player

CHOO CHOO!! HOP ON THE TEBOW TRAIN BEFORE IT LEAVES THE STATION!! I don’t know, man. I didn’t believe in Tim Tebow the baseball player before, but how can you see him homer on the first pitch he saw as a professional baseball player in the instructional league, and not be like, “Wait…just…a minute.”

I still don’t think he’ll actually make it to the major leagues, but I’ve upgraded from “This is going to be a complete and utter failure” to “This fucking guy might actually make this interesting.” Let’s not go crazy over the competition that he’s facing in instructional league, but it’s not like he’s facing a bunch of shmucks down there, either.

I wanna be on the record right now saying that I think Tebow can make it to Double-A. And when he gets there, he’ll probably fizzle out, because the competition there is better than it is in Triple-A, so that’s where he’ll get exposed big time. But, damnit, this motherfucker might actually get a promotion or two. And if he does, I consider that a success for the Tim Tebow professional baseball experiment. He can’t field or throw for shit, so that’s definitely gonna slow down the process, but I’m gonna be so stoked when he gets the promotion to Double-A in 2026.