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When You Try To Cheat The Carpool Lane But Use One Of The Most Recognizable Faces In The World And Get Pulled Over

AUBURN, Wash. – A driver trying to cheat in the Highway 167 HOT lane was apparently trying to make Carpool Great Again. The Washington State Patrol tweeted a photo of a cardboard Donald Trump head attached to the headrest on the passenger seat of their car in Auburn. A motorcycle trooper spotted it and pulled the car over, then snapped a photo and posted on Twitter.

Listen, I’m all for cheating the carpool lane. I’m all for cheating in general. Maybe not romantically but in every other facet of life? Go for it. If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’. Deflate those balls. Put stick’em on your hands. Secretly video tape the other team. Inject powerful steroids into your ass cheeks so you can hit the ball a mile. And yeah, take some scotch tape and put up a printout of a human head so you can use the carpool lane when you’re not supposed to. Here’s one piece of advice, though. DO NOT print out the face of probably the most recognizable person currently on the planet as your dummy person. That’s gonna fail 200 out of 100 times. Not to mention it’s the face of one of the most hated people on the planet. Print out a picture of your best friend Steve or your older sister Sarah. Make it someone that no cop will look at and think, “Hmmm do I actually think Donald Trump is riding in that car or nah?” You’re gonna see cherries and berries every single time if you do that.