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Of Course Jimmer Fredette Scored 43 Points And Hit The Game-Winning Free Throws With No Time Left To Win The Merlion Cup

(This is Jimmer’s full highlight reel from the game. Free throws start a 7:43 if you don’t want to watch a player so wet it looks like he just stepped out of the Yangtze)

Straits Times- Jimmer Fredette hasn’t played a game in Shanghai yet, but it sounds like his cult following already is going global. Fredette’s career with the Shanghai Sharks began with a 3-point barrage and cold-blooded free throws Friday, showing his usual flare and in-the-gym range when he led the Chinese Baseball Association team to a tournament championship in Singapore.

Playing in the six-team Merlion Cup before their regular season opens, the Sharks stole the championship, 78-77, from the Philippines-based Mighty Sports thanks to some Fredette magic, the CBA’s answer to Steph Curry already rearing his head. The Knicks’ ill-fated flier (and low point?) poured in 43 points (or 41? The box score is tough to come by), including a fourth-quarter onslaught that vaulted the Sharks from 14 points down to Merlion Cup champs in the title game.

Look at the ONIONS on Jimmer. I’ve never had such contrasting feelings while watching a video. Part of me is thrilled and proud of Jimmer being all calm, cool, and collected as he hit those three free throws with no time left. And not just any free throws, but free throws to win the MERILON CUP. Okay, I don’t know what the fuck the Merilon Cup is. But I imagine you can make a case that it is more impressive than an NBA Championship just like Melo did for Olympic gold medals. If the Chinese built a statue, a museum, and like a billion other things for Starbury, I cannot begin to fathom what they will do once Jimmermania sweeps the nation.

But part of me is sad. Sad that the Knicks now have a super team and there was nowhere for a guy with unlimited range to fit in. What is one step above super team? Super duper team? Perfect team? 82-0 is already the goal as is. I don’t even know what we would be aiming for with Jimmer on the squad. 82-0 then fo’ fo’ fo’ in the playoffs while covering the spread every game? To borrow a few words from the recently retired Kevin Garnett, anything would have been possiblllllllllle if Jimmer was on the 2016-17 New York Knicks.