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If Giannis Antetokounmpo Ever Needs A Backup Plan, I Suggest Stand Up Comedian


NAILEDDDD ITTTT! 10/10 joke from Giannis there. What can’t that guy do? The Greek Freak, the 6’11(ish) point guard who just signed a 4 year, 100 million dollar extension has comedy chops for days. Will run the court like a gazelle one second, and have you slapping your knee with a knock-knock joke the next. A true jack of all trades. All these other websites are saying how the joke bombed, how it sucked, uhhhh Earth to Matilda, I didn’t see anyone else at media day make a single knock-knock joke centered around a play on words about Obama. I hope he opens every media session with a joke.

I fucking hope so too dude.