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Dude Who Lived With Goats Wins The Nobel Prize For It, News Anchors Laugh Their Asses Off Reporting It

A couple things. This is what people get Nobel Prizes for? I thought Nobel Prizes went to people who cured horrible diseases and made breakthroughs in space travel and shit like that. Not dudes who toss on a pair of prosthetic legs and eat grass with a bunch of goats. I guess the Nobel Prize bar is lower than I thought. Second, that’s gotta be humiliating for the dude who won. As if dressing up like a goat wasn’t humiliating enough, then to have a bunch of news anchors laugh in your face after the biggest accomplishment of your life. That’s rough. When you win the Nobel Prize champagne is supposed to fall from the sky, women are supposed to throw themselves at you and you’re supposed to be paraded around the city on the shoulders of your fellow man. Instead his Nobel Prize effort paralyzed news anchors with laughter. So much so that they couldn’t even finish the report. Oh well. He has a Nobel Prize and they don’t. Faced.