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The Picture Of Bernie Sanders Watching Last Night's Debate Is Maybe The Saddest Picture Of All-Time

Tweet translated to video form:

I don’t care what your political allegiances are, that is picture is flat-out depressing. Anyone that says that it is better to love and lost than live with regret should take one look at this picture and rethink their entire stance. Poor Bernard had enough juice going this year that I’m sure he started dreaming of what it would be like to live in the White House. Probably had plans to put a giant bowl of Werthers in the Oval Office and was trying to figure out what his opening line would be if/when he met the ghost of Abe Lincoln.

But instead he was watching TV and live tweeting like the rest of the country with a picture that is straight up meme fuel. It’s not like Crying Jordan was born the minute MJ shed those tears at his Hall of Fame induction. The only way this is sadder is if Bernie was spotted wearing Velcro shoes. Once old people make the switch to Velcro, it’s a wrap. Then again, I’m sure Bernie can die a happy man knowing that Larry David played him on SNL. Those skits had to be the best moments of Bernie’s life.