The Nats Dugout Reaction To Wilson Ramos' Injury Says Everything

I’m about ready to call it now. Could be a wasted season. This is what we get for thinking we can have nice things. I blame nobody but myself. Harper’s thumb is all sorts of fucked up, Murphy’s ass won’t heal, Strasburg’s arm fell off again, and now Ramos seems to be done, finished, caput. He was having a career season- hitting .307 with 22 HR and 80 RBI. Having a weapon like Ramos took the lineup from good to great. And now it appears to be over. I don’t want to be too mundane, but like, fuckkkkkkkkk. It was bad enough when Stras went down. Hard to compete with the Cubs without 3 top of the line starters. It got worse when Murph’s ass flared up on him and he’s been day to day for like 2 weeks. Then Harper hurt the shit out of his thumb when that dickhead on the Pirates did the ollll “fake tag” and Harper awkwardly dove into third. And now Ramos. So much hope for this season. So much potential. Even got rid of Pap and brought in Melancon who has been awesome. And now, a week before the playoffs, it’s all falling apart. Sucks on ice. I’m bummed. I’m an optimist, everyone knows that, I go into every season thinking my team is going to win it all, but this sucks.

Realistically, with Scherzer, a healthy Murphy, an average Bryce, Trea, a surging Rendon, and a decent enough Werth, this team can battle. They are still good enough to win. But shit, losing these weapons this late in the season, this close to the playoffs, absolutely sucks.