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Benches Clear In Toronto Between The Blue Jays And Yankees

Are you kidding me, guys? We’re fighting because Josh Donaldson accidentally got scraped on the elbow? Really?

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the Blue Jays have been involved in so many of these over the last couple of years. They’ve got a bunch of hardos over there in that dugout, and Josh Donaldson is definitely one of them, if not the biggest on the whole team. There was clearly no intent there by Luis Severino, who was wild all inning.

Regardless of intent, it barely hit him, and he was wearing a gigantic fucking elbow pad. JA Happ obviously had intent when he threw at Chase Headley, given that he missed him the first time, so I’m with Joe Girdardi, who was pissed that Happ wasn’t ejected. You don’t need to be warned first if the intent is clear, and Happ’s intent was very clear.

Personally, I think that the Blue Jays are just desperate for a spark. They came into the month of September two games up in the AL East, and after going 10-12 this month, they’re 5.5 games out entering play today (1.5 games up on a Wild Card spot) with the potential to be eliminated from the division as early as tomorrow. They’ve been playing lifeless baseball for weeks, but they’re looking for a spark in the wrong place. If you throw at a guy with intent, it’s an eye for an eye in this game, and that’s how you get your star players hurt.