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My Favorite Arnold Palmer Tribute Came From John Daly Using A Picture Covered With Licensing Watermarks

So obviously a tough day in the world of golf. Everybody tweeting out their tributes to Arnold Palmer after he passed away at the age of 87 yesterday. People tweeting out their favorite memories and photos of the man, the myth, the King. This is one of those sports deaths that reaches far beyond just the world of golf. President Obama even made a point to release a statement about Arnie. But where did my favorite tribute come from? John Daly, of course. It was my favorite because it perfectly encapsulates one legend while he pays tribute to another legend. It’s a great picture of the two men. That gold chain Daly is rocking is spectacular but the picture is made even better by the fact that it’s covered in licensing watermarks. My man John couldn’t find one picture of him and Arnie without the watermarks? Maybe the most John Daly thing John Daly has ever done and it’s why we love him so much. RIP to The King.