Asian Chick With The Most Impressive Sandwich Toss Of All Time

This video was the most viral video of the weekend and I had a hard time making heads or tails of it. But it is without a doubt the greatest sandwich toss of all time. She has a set of balls on her. Nobody, and I mean nobody, has that much confidence to throw a sandwich down and absolutely nail it like she did. There was no hesitation at all, just a lofty heave and a cute asian sound after she drained it, which I assume is the Chinese way of saying “Kobe!”.

But again, I simply cannot figure out how she was so confident in herself. Like, think about how many times you’ve missed a simple paper ball toss into a trashcan. Seems simple enough, but then you find yourself lugging over to the trashcan to pick it up and dunk it in. Now multiply that by 100 and you have what this Asian chick did. All those years at the iPad factor really paying dividends. Just makes you wonder if she can toss a salad like she can toss a sandwich.