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Margot Robbie Mistakenly Flirted With A High Schooler At A Photo Shoot And Now I Hate That Kid With All My Heart


NY Daily News- Margot Robbie is only 26 but she’s already become a cougar. The Aussie actress told Elle magazine that while shooting an ad for Calvin Klein’s new fragrance Deep Euphoria she started flirting with one of the hunky male models, only to discover he was still in high school.

“I was chatting with them at one point, and I could tell I was starting to flirt with them,” she recalled. “I said to one of the guys, “What are you doing after this?” and he says, “Well, I’ve got to go back to school.” And I was like, “Oh, cool! College?” No. Not college. [HIGH]school. I thought, “Oh. My. God. You’re 17 years old. I’m officially a cougar! I’m ‘The Older Woman!’ This has never happened to me before!”

I fundamentally do not understand how this kid could keep his wits together while Margot Robbie flirted with him. I know he probably is used to girls throwing themselves at him since he is a Calvin Klein model and all. But still, Margot Robbie is Margot Robbie. Not some kinda hot but kinda drugged out looking model. Most high school guys would cum themselves if Margot Robbie just made eye contact with them. But this kid can just brush it off like it’s no big deal. Good for him, man. I mean don’t get me wrong, I absolutely, positively loathe this kid. A girl mistakenly brushing up against my arm would make my high school highlight reel. Yet this kid can make Margot Robbie feel self-conscious about herself despite the fact she is a star actress in her mid-20s. Wild.

Obligatory Margot Robbie GIFs:

God I hate that fucking kid.