People Lined Up For Hours In London To Get A Taste Of In-N-Out

BI - American fast-food chain In-N-Out Burger came to London for just four hours, opening as a pop-up restaurant at a Brazilian steak house. People queued for hours to taste the infamous “double-double” (a double cheeseburger with two beef patties).

I would usually hate on anyone who lines up like this in order to get a taste of anything. Like, come on people, nothing is worth waiting in line for 3 hours to eat. Except in this rare case. The food options in London are sparse. There’s a reason we have 100 Mexican food chains, and all our British chains are bars. So when something as delicious as In-N-Out comes to town, you better believe those British chaps are camping out to get a burger. It could be decades until something that good comes to town again. You don’t want to be the wanker who misses out on a double double animal style. It’s still a bit ridiculous to queue up around the city for a cheeseburger, but if there is one food that’s worth the wait, it’s In-N-Out.