Pancake Artist Attempts To Make Pancakes That Look Like PGA Tour Players With Pretty Disastrous Results

Let me start off by saying I’m not a pancake artist and could not do any better than that. But that’s also kind of the point. I’m not a pancake artist so I shouldn’t be able to do better than that even though maybe I could. That dude is a pancake artist and those pancakes SUCK. They really do. They look nothing like those golfers. Maybe kinda I guess? But not really. Even a couple of the players weren’t impressed. Rory was pissed about his left ear being too big and Daddy Duf was like, “Uhhh that’s it? Not bad I guess but pretty bad. Now let me eat this fucking thing.” Dustin Johnson’s is the only one that’s identifiable. The most identifiable thing about the rest of them are their sponsors. The funniest part about this is people are reacting like the pancakes are masterpieces. Words like “perfect” and “awesome” are being thrown around. No. I’m not playing that game. You guys don’t think those are perfect or awesome. Those pancakes fucking suck.