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Jack Bauer's New Show Is Here, And It Shocks Me How The Real Life Kiefer Sutherland Is Still Ticking

So here lies Designated Survivor. Jack Bauer’s new show where he plays a nerd Jack Bauer that becomes President. It literally has nothing to do with 24, but at this point the correlation has to be made in pretty much anything he does. It’s not like Kiefer is gonna be up for an Oscar playing Macbeth anytime soon, or ever. And to be honest, this isn’t too shabby of an idea or show, but that’s not the point here. The fact of the matter is it’s an outright miracle of modern day science Kiefer Sutherland is still up and running after his amazing life of debauchery. Is there anyone out there with more underrated days than Kiefer Sutherland? The dude’s been around the A-list forever literally getting hammered every, single, night pissing wherever he pleases and slaying what he wants. He gets to make a TV show here or do a voiceover there to there to pay the bills then get shitfaced and drops pants at a public diner. Seriously. This old Jose Cuervo ad just about sums it up. Tis the life of a king.

Put some pants on, Jack Bauer. Also, Kiefer being called a pirate and randomly tackling the Christmas tree has been hands down one of my favorite YouTube clips for years. Makes me laugh 100/100 times.

PS – Kiefer Sutherland has a twin sister. Woof.