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Girl Gives A "Is Slavery Always Bad?" Presentation At School Breaking Down The Pros And Cons Of Slavery

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Gotta hear both sides! Maybe the greatest Gotta Hear Both Sides of Desus Nice‘s career. Lets talk about it:

On the one hand, slaves had no free will and were subjected to constant mental and emotional torture, the likes of which are still haunting the entire African American race.

BUtttttttttttt, at the same time, it was really good for business to get these people to do all this work for free! Some Trickle Down Economics stuff. Slave labor = better business = more money to go around for everyone = maybe slave owners will feed the slaves a little bit more food.

So I mean, I dunno. Its kind of a coin flip. They did get a roof and some food. They also got to hang out in the sun a lot. If we’re being honest, they are all shredded and ripped from all that work. All of this “Slavery was wrong” sort of thing seems a tad blown out of proportion.