Can We Pump The Brakes On Calling This 2yr Old A Dinosaur Expert?

Everybody needs to relax! Look, the kid is cute. I get that. The hair. The glasses. The accent. He’s dynamic as they come, but he’s far from a dinosaur EXPERT. I know most of those dinosaurs’ names and I’m extremely moderate as far as dinosaur knowledge goes. I mean, I’m good at dinosaur facts, but I’m not a genius or anything.

Let’s watch the tape, folks.

Last time I checked, most experts knew more than cursory facts and names about dinosaurs. I notice the mom didn’t even ask if the dinosaurs were carnivores, herbivores, or omnivores. Of course if you lob up softball questions this kid is gonna hit the answers out of the park. The mom handled this kid with softer gloves than Jimmy Fallon handled Donald Trump last week.

If you wanna crown his ass then crown him. I’m gonna keep my expert title in my back pocket for now. I do agree with the mom on one aspect. He is a clever, good boy but he is far from an expert. There is one title Noel deserves.

Dance Master. The kid should have been called a dance master and I’d have no qualms.