Bill Belichick Was Asked How He Evaluates Medical Situation. He Promptly Put That Reporter In A Body Bag.

Much like Bill Belichick, I am not a doctor. It’s about the only thing the two of us have in common, we don’t have a medical license. But I don’t even need one to call it here. No training necessary. I know a dead body when I see one and that right there is a dead body in the media room. “They don’t call plays, I don’t do surgery. It’s a good situation we got here.” BOOM, roasted.

PS – Am I starting to take Bill Belichick’s press conference for granted? I saw these quotes today and just thought, “Yeah, that’s Bill being Bill.” He’s serving fools. That’s what he does. But everyone else was going nuts about them and I just thought it was a standard Tuesday. Could I possibly be becoming numb to Bill’s greatness and not appreciating it as I should? No, John! Don’t say that! Take it back!