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If You Are Getting Married This Coming Spring or Fall Miltons Is Here To Pimp Out Your Entire Wedding Party


Miltons is going to hook up your entire wedding, up to 8 groomsmen, with all the gear they need. Send in your email to pimpmylook@barstoolsprts.com and we’ll have stoolies vote for the winners. We’re loading up right now for the next Pimp My Wedding Contest so if you are getting married next Spring/Summer send in your nominations. The next winner will be announced September 30th.

The Groom

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Reader Email

Dear Barstool,

First time long time here, big fan of the site, it has allowed me to not have to work while at work. My Brother is getting married nov 5th and he sent me the details to go to joe banks to get fitted for this terrible suit, the good thing is that it is buy one and get the store free so we have that going for us.

I told my bro not to even get married but here I am sitting at joe banks and remembered seeing the pimp my wedding thing on barstool and thought I would roll the dice. He is having a small wedding, I am the best man (no Groomsmen) and wanted to try and do something to help make him look as good as possible…ha.

My bro works 60hours a week and never does anything for himself so I wanted to try and do something nice as he is always been there for me (bailed me out of jail the 1st and 3rd time, covered for me more time than I can count, hooked me up with my current GF and has always been a great guy… mostly).

I always thought it was the girls side that did the wedding but as it turns out he is paying to the whole thing and has been saving for months. He had to skip out on a some good trips to put together the scratch for the wedding (I told him to marry rich but he chose love instead), I admired him for this and wish I could do more. I did not tell him I was doing this and it would be awesome for him to find out while reading the website.

Thanks for your time, attached are a few pic of the love birds! Good luck with the new office. GO PANTHERS!!!!


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