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Michael Irvin Says That If The Patriots Win Thursday He's Taking Lombardy's Name Off His Super Bowl Tropys And Putting Bellichek's Name On Them

Finally. Nice to hear from an intelligent man on this subject. A guy who knows what he’s talking about and a guy who just gets it. Personally, I think Irvin should have scraped Lomardy’s name off the tropy years ago and put Bellichek’s name on it, but I will also admit that late is better than never. Did Vince Lombardy draft the greatest football player to ever live? Did he dominate the league for almost two decades in a time when free agency existed? No, he didn’t. Bill Belichek did. I know I always seem like a homer when I spout stuff like this, but the facts are the facts here. Michael Irvin is a student of the game and knows exactly what he’s talking about, even he’s ready to admit that Bellichek is the greatest football coach who’s ever lived. Feels good to have logic and sense on our side.