Cris Cyborg Has To Cut From 165 To 141 By Friday Morning To Make Weight

Some things in life are impossible. I can’t fly to the moon. I can’t talk to a girl who I’m interested in. And I cannot cut 24 pounds in 4 days. Those are 3 things I know as a fact, and that’s what Cris Cyborg has to do to make weight on Friday- lose 24 pounds. I don’t even…I don’t even understand how that’s possible for anyone, nevermind a professional athlete. Even the big fatsos on The Biggest Loser don’t lose 24 pounds in a week and they have more excess weight than anyone. Those tubbies are doing all sorts of situps and cartwheels and eating veggies for the first time in their lives and they don’t lose 24 pounds, but 165 pound professional athlete Cris Cyborg has to do it. Just seems impossible. She said she’s taking birth control pills to cut weight, which sounds incredibly safe and definitely won’t fuck with her. I did a little more reading into this fight and apparently it’s bullshit to begin with that she has to cut down to 141, but so goes the weight classes in woman’s MMA. I have no idea why she’d agree to that weight and how she’s so far away right now, but I guess good luck to her, don’t go dyin on us.