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Somebody Needs To Buy This Squirrel A New Pair Of Ankles After This Vicious Crossover




If you’re that squirrel, what do you even do after that? I mean obviously you just have to get off the court as quick as squirrelly possible. But then what? You can’t even think about playing basketball ever again. Not even just rolling up a piece of paper in the office and throwing it at the trash can. You’re done. Finished. It’s over for you. And yeah, I know what plenty of you are thinking right now; “But Jordie. That kid stepped out of bounds and it shouldn’t have even counted anyway”. Sure that may be true. But this isn’t a pick-up game at your local YMCA. These are the streets. And on the streets, we ain’t got no out of bounds. Little man tried to step up to be a legend in these streets and got put in his place. Sad sight to see but that’s just the reality of the situation.

All I have left to say is this is a huge win for humans. No species in the world is cockier than squirrels are. They think they’re king of the fucking castle. I’m almost convinced they dart out into the street on purpose when you’re driving because they know you’re too big of a bitch to actually run them over. Convinced of it. And those squirrels that are on college campuses and have zero fear of humans? I’m sorry but last I checked, you’re a rodent. We could squash you like a bad habit on any given notice. Maybe start to show humans a little more respect and we’ll stop crossing you up like a bunch of scrubs. Just my two cents.

h/t BarDown