The "Matt Damon And Jimmy Kimmel Hate Each Other" Bit Is Way Funnier Than It Has Any Business Being

I did a significant amount of Emmys last night. I did bouncing around with the Red Sox game while Pomeranz was sucking andended up committing to the Sox around the sixth inning, but before then there was heavy Emmys viewing. Before you guys get all comedic genius on me and call me gay, just know that there are a LOT of hot pieces of ass strutting their stuff at the Emmys, like LaVerne Cox did.

The whole show was surprisingly entertaining. I don’t think the Emmys have ever been a very big deal but seeing as television is a billion times better than movies right now, the award show is starting to get some run and last night was good stuff. The best part was undoubtedly Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel continuing their “I fucking hate you” bit. I have no idea why, but it gets me every time. It really shouldn’t be this funny. Two huge celebrities pretending to hate each other for like fourteen years? That bit should run its course. It shouldn’t still be worth lols on a Sunday night in 2016. But goddammit, it was. That shit is fucking funny and I don’t care if you disagree.

Although I will admit the “tell your mother I like them apples” bit was kinda lame. Just eating an apple and being all casual was funny enough, that last line was stupid.