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Here Is The Blog I Will Write 2 Weeks From Today



Listen I know it’s only week 4. I know I told everybody this team would start 4-0. I know we shouldn’t be surprised. But even I didn’t think they’d do it without Gronk. Even I didn’t think they’d do it with Jimmy Garropolo getting injured in the 2nd quarter of the 2nd game. With Jacoby Brissett leading the charge and winning back to back player of the week awards. Yet here we are. 4-0 with the greatest player in the history of football coming back ready to shoot fireballs out of his ass. 19-0 staring us right in the face. Fuher Goodell did his best to bring this franchise to it’s knees but it’s only made us stronger. It’s days like these you have to appreciate just how lucky we are to be Pats fans. How blessed we are to root for the greatest franchise in the history of sports. How great Bill Belichick is. Teams go entire seasons without winning 4 games. We win 4 games with a scrapheap of players and the league openly cheating against us. In an era where parity is king and the NFL strives for equality the Pats have been to 6 superbowls in 14 years, 10 AFC title games and 13 division titles. There is nothing anybody can do to stop us. We win without our best players. We win with rookie QB’s. All we do is win, win, win. Before every season begins we know we have a 100% chance of being in the AFC title game. This year is no different. For the past decade we’ve ruled the NFL with an iron fist the likes of which this league has never seen before and what this past month has taught us it shows no signs of slowing down. We are truly blessed to be Pats fans. They hate us cause they ain’t us indeed.